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Tai Chi Chuan

According to Chinese teachings, Tai Chi Chuan can be translated as a “Supreme Ultimate Force”. It is often associated with the Chinese concept of Yin-Yang, the opposite forces of people and nature (up/down, right/left, male/female, in/out, active/passive, happy/ sad, dark/light, forceful/yielding, good/bad or righteous/evil, etc.). The word Chuan in Chinese means “Fist” or “Boxing” or “Fighting” and is another means of achieving this Ying-Yang discipline through Tai Chi. Qigong: In Chinese the word “Qigong” has two characters, “Qi” (Chi) which means “life energy”, and “Gong” meaning “daily effort”. Everyone is born with Chi and everyone has the potential of using it. Although we are born with Chi, it still has to be developed. After developing Qi, one who’s trained in Qigong can then use it for self-healing, healing others, and for different usages for Martial Arts purpose.

Tai Chi can be thought of as a moving form of yoga. The moving sequence of Tai Chi is a slow practiced exercise that promotes the body and mind. Chi is also known as “a vital force that animates the body”. By practicing Tai Chi, it helps to promote the circulation of Chi in the body which enhances one’s health and vitality. When the Chi circulates, it does so in patterns; it is closely related to the nervous and vascular system, and is closely connected with the practice of acupuncture, and other Asian healing arts. Tai Chi fosters a calm and tranquil mind. It also focuses on balance, alignment, motor control, and rhythm of movement. The practice of Tai Chi can improve your ability to stand, walk, run, lift, bend, grab, etc. and it can correct poor postural, and body movement patterns.

Help Improve: Weakness in the Muscle * Balance * Stability * Coordination * Focus Help Relieve: Arthritis * Hypertension * Stress * Asthma

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