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Bei Shaolin Kung Fu Institute: “Your path to a better life”

When the people of Memphis come to Bei Shaolin Kung Fu Institute to learn martial arts, they don’t just receive training, but a staff that is dedicated to helping them improve themselves.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to promote traditional martial arts in its purity. Develop upright citizens, develop courage and teach discipline to our students. To encourage students to be the best they can be spiritually, mentally, and physically. We teach traditional Martial Arts training. As the world becomes more violent, we believe it is crucial to be guided with moral and Godly values in today’s society.

Martial arts instruction in Memphis

Our instructors are expertly trained martial artists and experienced teachers. No matter what level a person has achieved, there is always more knowledge to gain and ways to refine one’s techniques. That is why our instructors continue to educate themselves in their martial art traditions. They understand that being able to impart knowledge is not a simple process. It requires keen observations about individuals and how they receive information, so you can make slight changes quickly to facilitate learning.

We are very proud of the courses we offer and we welcome you to try one to see why Bei Shaolin Kung Fu Institute is the right choice for martial arts practitioners.

History on the Memphis location

In October of 1994, master (Sifu) Kevin Miller formed the Bei Shaolin Kung Fu Institute (BSKFI) in Memphis Tennessee under the blessing of his teacher master Andrew Lee. Sifu Miller moved back to Memphis from Chicago and returned to his former school, ‘Golden Talon Kung Fu’ in an attempt to help his former teacher with the “Ching Jwa Gong” system. Upon his return, Sifu Miller agreed to teach and help rebuild his former teacher’s school on the condition that he would be able to teach the Northern Shaolin Boxing system which he learned in Chicago. After hearing about the relocation of the Golden Talon Kung Fu two months later, Sifu Miller realized that it was time to depart from his former teacher. With just four students at the time, he found a new location at the Memphis Center of Gymnastics where he subleased space for three years. He later found a better school location for lease at 4493 Summer Avenue which was next door to a Martial Arts supply store. While there, he built his school to over 20 students. After learning that the building was being sold three years later, he began looking for a new location.

In September of 2001, Sifu Kevin Miller as well as another reliable student and friend, found a new location at 3758 Summer Avenue. With lots of potential growth, this free standing building looks small on the outside but is big on the inside. Since then, BSKFI has grown to over 30 students and is still growing.

About Us

When the Head Instructor, Sifu Kevin Miller formed Bei Shaolin Kung Fu Institute (BSKFI) of Memphis, he did so with the intention of making it a family friendly school. The school is not only structured around the Martial Arts but is also structured around the family. The head instructor has a sincere heart towards the students and parents who train at BSKFI. The school does not solely focused on making money through the teachings of the Martial Art but it also caters to those in need of guidance. The head instructor opens his door to anyone going through problems related or unrelated to school issues. Whether it be a child going through peer pressure (gang related, drugs, smoking, theft, etc.), a youth needing a male figure to look up to, someone emotionally depressed, parents or other adult students struggling through job related issues, those needing direction in life, or those having difficulty in raising a child/childen, etc. they can always go to the head instructor. On a confidential basis, Sifu Miller is there to listen or give advice as a friend to those in need.

Advantage of being a Student

BSKFI students can learn: discipline, better self-control, proper breathing, and life saving self-defense skills such as: blocking, punching, open hand strikes, kicking, etc. It can help improve one’s focus, concentration, confidence, and self-esteem. The benefits are: toning and shaping the body, better health, as well as mind and body harmony. It will help increase students: stamina, speed, and power. It improves; the cardio vascular system, flexibility, reflex, coordination, and awareness for both adults and children. In addition, students will learn: empty hand & weapon forms (which are sequence of pattern movements), stretching, dynamic exercises, offensive and defensive drills, self-defense techniques, fighting drills, throwing, grappling, sparring for point, continuous fighting, joint lock manipulation techniques, and neutralization skills (getting out of any kind of hold). Students also go through conditioning training such as; focus mitts and pads, kick shields, kick pads, kick bags, and iron palm bags. We practice effective street smart self-defense; sparring, grappling, joint manipulation. We offer Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, Plum Flower Fist, Sanda/San Shou (continuous fighting), Chin Na, Tai Chi, and Qigong. In addition to these things are breath control skills, and the understanding of leverage. Kung Fu practitioners don’t have to rely on strength in order to protect themselves. They ultimately learn about leverage and relaxation in order to protect themselves without using a lot of external force. We teach students how to become balanced in both soft and hard techniques when using the body. Kung Fu can be soft like slow moving water and yet powerful as a strong title wave.

Children’s Program

The children’s program which is our ‘Little Shaolin Warriors’ (LSW) class gives children a great foundation in the Shaolin Chuan Far system. They are able to focus on respect, honor, courtesy, awareness, discipline, and leadership skills in life. In the LSW program they will gain the benefits of flexibility, self-defense, wrestling, light sparring with gear, coordination exercises to keep in shape, empty hand forms and weapons (under an instructor’s supervision), and fun games to build speed, reflex, and timing. In addition, they will learn how to avoid getting abducted by those who mean them harm. Through the LSW program, children will learn how to overcome fear as we build their confidence. They will be critiqued on everything they learn until they have perfected their techniques and skills. LSW children will gain the knowledge and experience of competing in tournaments where they could win trophies and/or medals. BSKFI can turn ordinary children into champions whether it’s in tournaments or everyday life.

A Comfortable Environment

We help take the pressure away from people who are nervous about joining a martial arts school for the first time. BSKFI is recognized as being a people friendly school. The instructors and team leaders take the extra time to welcome and help the new student feel ease as they train. We also go the extra mile to help new students as we make corrections on their techniques. By the end of the first class, new students will go home feeling confident that they’ve learned something beneficial in their martial growth, and will feel the benefits of a great workout when they go home.

Levels of Training

Although the term ‘belt’ is loosely used Kung Fu school, BSKFI students use traditional Chinese sashes as their rank. There are three levels of training in the Shaolin Boxing system know as ‘Northern Shaolin Chuan Far’. The three levels are: beginner, intermediate, and advance/black belt. Unlike most martial art schools, BSKFI does not focus on a ‘master’ or a ‘black belt program’ to gain more revenue. We believe in giving students the opportunity to earn each rank as they move up levels to achieve black belt status through hard work. Only after achieving their black belt status can they strive to become a master level black belt practitioner. The beginner level ranks are; white, yellow, and orange sash. Intermediate ranks are; green, blue, and purple sash. Advance ranks are; red, and black sash.


What we stand for?

B-Bold - don’t be afraid to try new positive things.
E-Encourage - be positive and carry out tasks so that you can help to inspire others. 
I -Implement - (#1) - set out to reach your goals. 

S-Sincerity - be truthful, be real, and be yourself.
H-Honor – strive to achieve a good name by earning respect and merit from others. 
A-Attitude - if you think positive and be around positive people, you will become positive.
O-Outstanding - in a positive way stand out before others, to shine.
L-Leadership - always strive to become a leader in order to help others.
I -Implement – (#2) - carry out anything positive that you start by putting it into action.
N-Nonviolence - don’t provoke violence, avoidance is the key.

W-Worthiness - being worthy of others and of your training, shows your worth.
A -Advancement - further yourself from where you are in training as well as in life.
R -Respect - being courteous and respectful of others will encourage them to do the same.
R -Righteousness - living right in life by replacing sinful acts with good deeds.
I  -Improvement - always strive to improve you.
O-Originality - be the first to come up with an idea.
R-Regulate – always keep balance in your training as well as in your life.
S-Strive - strive to succeed by pushing for excellence to set goals so that you can reach them and always move forward toward new goals.

C-Confidence - have faith in yourself, be certain with self-assurance in what you do. 
H-Humility - be modest, not arrogant or boastful.
U-Uniqueness - be original, remember there is only one you, you are unique. 
A-Awareness - always be aware of your surroundings.
N-Niceness - treat others as you want to be treated, being nice to others can send a reaction for others to be nice to you. 
F-First - strives to become number #1, be the best that you can be.
A-Acknowledge - take notice in your improvements, remember how far you’ve come.
R-Readiness - always be ready and willing to learn new things that can improve your life.

February 2024 through February 2025 SPECIAL for the Children’s Little Shaolin Warriors beginners classes. We offer well private lessons for Children, Teens, and Adults.

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